Phase 2 Sanctuary Remodel

Phase 2 Sanctuary Remodel

Sanctuary remodel options

Phase 2 - Renovation Begins - July 2019

Sanctuary Renovation

Sanctuary Remodel Outline

Committee members:          

 Rita Vos        Josh Rozendaal     Diana Scandridge        Sheryl Baarda

 Brad Rozendaal           Tim Dunsbergen         Kendall Rozendaal - Chairman

Needs identified by congregation based on LIFT meetings

SVPA Architects - West Des Moines

Construction Estimate

Sanctuary renovation

            - Remove side rooms to expand stage

            - Close the west stairway to basement

            - Add ADA ramp to stage

            - Lower stage seven inches to allow ramp

            - Add storage room behind stage

            - Moving pulpit forward for better wing visibility

New AV system

            - Two 82" TV screens on either side of the cross

            - One 82" TV screen on the back wall viewable from stage

            - One 82" TV screen on west wall viewable from wing

            - New AV booth on the east side of main aisle

            - Theatrical lighting on stage area

Wiring and lighting

            - New lighting fixtures in wing

            - New wiring in stage area and AV booth

            - Currently hanging sanctuary lights relamped/rewired to code


            - Reuse organ and piano

            - Organ speakers to have midrange drivers rebuilt


            - Sanctuary and wing repainted - walls and ceiling

Remove chimney


            - New carpet in sanctuary and wing

            - Asbestos in tile floor will then be encapsulated


            - 412 new padded chairs for sanctuary and wing

            - Old seating was 508, losing 96 seats to get to ADA code

            - Easter count in 2018 was 377 - 35 open seats with new seating

            - Other March 2018 counts - 250 to 300

Plan includes repairs needed even without remodel

            - AV is outdated - $122,000

            - Electrical is outdated - $57,200

            - Paint - $16,000

            - Seating and stage not up to ADA code

Timeline estimate from SVPA

            - 2 months for blue prints and mechanical engineer prep

            - 3 - 5 month’s construction time - depending on contractors

Total estimate - $597,987 - 1/3 of which is repairs

Pictures will be in Gathering Place next few weeks