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Last Day of General Synod - Day 6

Last Day of General Synod - Day 6

by Wayne Sneller on June 12, 2018

General Synod Day 6 (picture - our church featured on General Synod tables and in recognition of our giving)

This morning was shortened session of business.  We elected our Vice President who will be our president in 2019.  His name is EJ De Waard.  He is a good choice for the challenges the denomination is facing. 

This Synod elected conservatives that will bring needed leadership to the Reformed Church.

This morning we will conclude with a Closing service that includes an installation of our new general secretary and a worship service.

We will be loaded on buses and transported to the airport to begin our trip home.

From a personal perspective, I always enjoy the relationships from the past and the new friends that I meet.  It reminds me that we serve a mighty God with a Church that serves diverse cultures.  

Here are some quick facts about this General Synod:  It was the 212th time the Synod has met.  Our Classis sent eight delegates - 4 pastors and 4 elders.  Each delegate votes with a remote "clicker" that records votes instantly.  Much faster than in years past.

Thank you for your prayers and remember that we serve an awesome God.  He is in control!

Signing off from General Synod in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Pastor Wayne

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