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General Synod - Day 5

General Synod - Day 5

by Wayne Sneller on June 11, 2018

General Synod - Day 5 (the picture above is my table for the day - 13 hours together today!)

Our day began with a joint worship service with the CRC.  The advisory of both the CRC and the RCA asked a question, "What would it look like for the CRC and the RCA to start together a completely new denomination?"

The reason this questions is begin presented for study and discussion is tha tboth denominations are facing decline in numbers.  It will also give the RCA a direction option if the RCA decides to split because of the unresolved homosexuality issue. 

To quote the synods of the RCA and the CRC, "We don't know yet what that looks like or how all the details will come together but we affirm and celebrate God's movement toward unity."  I would add, "Stay tuned!"  Both synods were excited about future discussion!

Fact:  Did you know the RCA is 390 years old?

This morning I was proud to accept a plaque on behalf of Sully Reformed Church in front of Synod.  First Reformed is one of 55 churches that give $40,000 or more to mission shares.  This is over and above the required mission giving!  This is out of 869 RCA churches!  Way to go First Reformed!

At this writing, we are still in session!  My back is sore and my mind is a bit weary but tomorrow we adjourn at noon.  I hope to catch a flight at 5 pm tomorrow and be home sometime later that night!!  I hope to write a short report on the close of synod tomorrow!

Blessings and thanks for your prayers!

Pastor Wayne

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